Show Notes

Reycled Firefighter

We've partnered with Recycled Firefighter!

If you are not aware of Jake and his company, please check them out using the link below.

Jake uses unservicable firehose to make awesome wallets and cases. He also uses leftover leather to make most of his other products. Jake is a Firefighter, and an entrepreneur, and making his products in the United States! Please support his company and his mission!

Angie Morelli

In this episode we talk to Angie Morelli of Angie is a Marine, (although she is an air-winger.....LOL. Jk....). Angie talks about her time in the Marine Corps, and how she started a business in her free time while she was still enlisted, and despite some warnings from her chain of command......

Angie made some amazing decisions right off the bat that really set her business up for success. She also talks about the struggles that are unique to her. This is a great episode for anyone, but I think this one will be especially inspiring for any female entrepreneurs!

David Wood

VOG Founder, Marine, Bad Ass

In this episode we welcome back David Wood, founder of the VOG Group. David is one of those guys that hits a home run nearly every time he tries. He's an amazing inspiration for fitness, business, family, faith, and perseverance.

We had a great conversation with David. We talked about his business transition, and how he brought his entire company back to the United States, including manufacturing. David talks about the amazing things he saw in American factories, and how he was inspired to make products in the United States, even at a higher cost.

We also go down a few rabbit holes, and talk about nearly everything to include UFO's....

We know you'll love this episode!

Mitch Massey

The DODO Brotherhood

In this episode we talk to Mitch Massey, from The DODO Brotherhood. Mitch is an awesome guy. He is the father of three girls, and documents his adventures in family life on his IG page @thedodobrotherhood. Mitch is a very humble guy who has a lot of knowledge to share. We talk about his many life changing experiences, and how he was experiencing depression for most of his life, due to a tragic event when he was 18. Mitch talks about how a mistake kept him from flying helicopters in the Marine Corps. We talk about how a near death experience finally allowed him to break free from his depression. We really enjoyed talking to Mitch. We know you will enjoy the conversation!

Lester Lumbad

Southern Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce

In this episode we talk to Lester Lumbad. Lester is an Air Force veteran who had a very successful military and civilian career. Lester eventually ended up in Las Vegas with his family, and had plans to eventually move back to Southern California. However, he and his wife decided to stay in the Las Vegas area.

After that, Lester found a lack of services were available for veterans looking to advance their careers after the military. Lester then founded the Souther Nevada Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Lester is using his organization to help veterans grow, as well as link them up with local businesses that want to employ veterans and their services.

Wether you are a veteran or not, this is a great episode! Everyone will get a ton of take a ways!

Christian Cutolo

Las Vegas Firefighter

In this episode we talk to Christian Cutolo. We had a great conversation with Christian. We talked about the state of the world, firefighting, the crazy calls you see in a big city, and most importantly we talk about the steps you can take to pursue a career in the fire service.

We know you'll enjoy this episode!

Craig Martin

High Seas Provisions

In this episode we talk to Craig Martin of High Seas Provisions. Craig is a Navy veteran, and served as a machinists mate for just over 10 years. He planned to make a career out of the Navy until the Navy decided to change his plans.

Craig talks about how he had no desire to join the military, yet, after he enlisted, decided to stay. He talks about starting in the Nuclear Engineering program in the Navy, and how he eventually made his way onto the USS Iwo Jima.

When Craig left the Navy he tried to start a new career, but wasn't riding what he was looking for. Craig talks about how he started his company on the side, while working full time. And how eventually, his company became successful enough, that he was able to transition to working full time in his business.

Craig is yet another example of someone who was thrown a curveball, but reused to let it bring him down.

Joseph Kent

Ranger, Green Beret, CIA Contractor, Congressional Candidate

In this episode we talk to Joseph Kent. Joseph is current running for Washington's 3rd Congressional District. Joe is an amazing guy, and was very generous to spend some time with us during his campaign. Joe enlisted in the Army to become Ranger, then became a Green Beret. He completed several deployments to Iraq. And if that wasn't enough, Joe decided to become a CIA contractor. Joe has spent his entire life serving the United States, and now he continues to serve by running for Congress. Even after a horrific loss, Joe continues to push forward and continue his life of service to the United States.

We could have talked to Joe for several hours, but we wanted to focus on some current issues that were relevant to his campaign. The format of this episode may be a little different than our previous shows, but we felt it was important to give Joe a platform to speak about current events, and how they relate to the mission of our podcast. Make no mistake, Joe is yet another shining example of our show title, 'Nothing Owed'

James Kent

Rogue White and Blue Apparel

In this episode we talk to James Kent, of Rogue White and Blue Apparel. James is an awesome guy. He made a huge career change after finishing college, and starting a successful career with a major retailer. James decided to enlist in the Army National Guard at close to 30 years old. As if that wasn’t enough, James decided to start an American made clothing company in his home state of Utah. James is another great example of Nothing Owed. He is constantly looking for new challenges, and for new ways to improve himself, and his family.

Dave Adams

Dash 10 Hot Sauce

In this episode, we talk to Dave Adams of Dash Ten Hot Sauce. Dave is an Army veteran that was forced to retire due to injuries sustained while serving. Dave was unsure what to do, but always had an idea handed down from his mother in his back pocket. Eventually Dave took the first step, and created an entirely new business. Dave has a great story that I'm sure nearly everyone can relate to.

In addition to the new business, Dave has still been able to donate to charity. Dave is yet another great example of our motto, 'Nothing Owed'. I know you will really enjoy this episode.

Eric Nicksick

Xtreme Couture MMA Coach

In this episode we talk to Eric Nicksick of Xtreme Couture MMA in Las Vegas. Eric started as customer 1 at Randy Couture's MMA gym in Las Vegas. Eric worked his way up from customer, to trainer, to the guy you see in the corner of many MMA fights. He was also the 2020 Coach of the Year!

Eric is an awesome dude. He took time out of his time in quarantine before his fight to talk to us. We talk about his time growing up. What it's like to work with Randy Couture, and many other world class fighters. To top it all off Eric talks about how he, and a dozen other fighters almost plunged to their deaths. We had a great time talking to Eric. We know you will enjoy it as well.

Please check out Eric's Podcast, Seconds Out.

Mike Sharr

Regional VP Fortune 500 Company

In this episode we talk to Mike Sharr. Mike is a Regional Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company. Mike is also very active in the community, and has worked his way up through multiple careers. We talk to Mike about building a business, the importance of a mission statement, and how to create motivation, and a productive culture within your business. We really enjoyed talking to Mike, and we know you will be find this conversation very informative, and entertaining.

David Wood

Co-Founder/Owner Virtus Outdoor Group

In this episode we talk to David Wood, of Virtus Outdoor Group. David is an amazing guy. He served in the Marine Corps, has assisted in the fight against child trafficking, started multiple businesses, and all the while is able to be an absolute beast when it comes to fitness. He talks about his time meeting the CEO of a potential business partnership, and his interview consisted of carrying a 75 pound atlas stone, up a mountain, while running.......David was an awesome guest, and we really can't thank him enough for sharing his time with all of us.

David has worked for the last sixteen years beginning in the U.S. Marines (intelligence field) with years spent in LATAM, EU, ASIA followed by the last decade intensively in SE Asia doing highly sensitive liaison work and sourcing for privately owned companies on multiple fronts.

He also has an outstanding list of awards and credentials from the US Marine Corps and continues to work with that community on design and development through Virtus Outdoor Group.

David currently resides in Spain with his wife and children.

Michael Munoz

Battle Born Designs

This may be our most powerful episode to date......Michael shares his story of his health issues, and how a medical condition prevented him from losing weight. He then talks about his serious complications from his surgery. However, it was because of the amazing experience he had while he was in a coma, that caused him to completely change his life. We were in awe of Michaels story, and were literally speechless as he described what he witnessed. Michael is an inspiration in health, in fitness, in business, and in the spiritual world. This is a must listen episode.

Will Loushin

Grindstone Athletics

In this episode we talk to Will Loushin. Will is a Marine, (big surprise, I know!). BJJ practitioner, grappling coach, weapons instructor, and all around bad ass.

Will talks about his time in the military, and how he lost a lung, and his time competing in MMA, and eventually BJJ. We also talk about the current state of affairs, and how society is changing. We really enjoyed talking to Will, and we know you will really enjoy the episode.

Dillon Cooper

The Mindset Academy

In this episode we talk to Dillon Cooper, from The Mindset Academy. Dillon is an Army vet, tattoo aficionado, and all around awesome and insightful dude. Not only that, he is also a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional, PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER, COACH, PHD STUDENT, CEO, and MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE........So he basically does everything along with helping children excel, and grow into the productive adults they were meant to be.

This is a great episode, and please go follow Dillon on his social media and website.

Taylor Morgan

The Captain's Lifestyle

In this episode we talk to Taylor Morgan of the Captains Lifestyle. Taylor is a Marine, and all around awesome dude. He specializes in helping social entrepreneurs maximize their health, happiness, and productivity. We talk about Taylor’s decision to join the Marine Corps, and how he became an expert in scaling roofs across California. LOL! You have to listen to get the full details. On a serious note, this episode focuses on the things you need to be doing in order to find that motivation to make those changes. We talk about sleep, nutrition, and motivation. Taylor also talks about his 6 Pillars of personal improvement. This is a must listen episode. Taylor is also the host of an awesome podcast, also called The Captain’s Lifestyle.

Chris Damico

The Drunken Butcher

In this episode we talk to Chris Damico, of The Drunken Butcher. Chris is a Marine, and entrepreneur. Chris talks about how he struggled to find his place. He talks about the changes he made to his career, and how he went from helicopter mechanic, to helicopter pilot, and then to butcher. Chris talks about how he came up with the idea for The Drunken Butcher, and how he made the transition from W2 job, to self employment. We also talk about the struggles of changing careers, health, and the unexpected hurdles of starting a business. Chris is an awesome guy, and is making a great product. You will definitely enjoy this episode, and you will definitely get motivated like we did.

The_drunkenbut574 N 1450 W Cedar City, Utah, 84721

Dru "Phoenix" Cuthbert

In this episode we talk to Dru “Phoenix” Cuthbert. Dru is a Marine, BJJ practitioner, and all around awesome dude. We talk about his time in the military, and the challenges he faced going overseas. Dru talks about how he was able to make his way into Embassy Duty. He talks about his appreciation for seeing the world, and exploring local customs. Dru talks about the challenges of going from the military to the civilian world. We also talk about many of the challenges facing society today, and how he deals with them. We even take a little detour and talk about some conspiracy theories! Dru also talks about how BJJ builds a community, and how to pick a great gym to train.

Mike Frazier

In this episode we talk to Mike Frazier of Noble Warrior. Mike is an all around awesome dude. Mike served in the 160th SOAR as a crewchief on a Blackhawk helicopter. In case you are not familiar, the 160th is the unit that transports many of the most elite troops in the US arsenal. Not only are the Soldiers in the 160th the best aviators in the world, they must also train to fight alongside their passengers in the event of a catastrophic event. The 160th is so elite, that many of their missions can’t be talked about. Not only did Mike serve in the 160th, he also served in the Coast Guard, and was deployed to the Middle East. Even after an amazing military career, Mike is continuing to improve himself, and others through motivational speaking, and education. He is also currently pursuing a degree in psychology. Oh, and Mike is a dad joke aficionado….

We also talked to Mike about the abuse he suffered as a child, and what drove him to elist in the Coast Guard. Mike also talks about his struggles after an injury ended his military career early. We talk about the challenges of homelife, and how faith played a major part in Mike’s recovery. Mike also has his own podcast, Noble Warrior Podcast, as well as an awesome website, This episode is awesome, and I promise, everyone can take away something to improve their own lives, and relationships.

Dustin Corresel

Marine, Founder of ECLPST Marketing

In this episode we talk to Dustin Corresel of ECLPST Marketing. Dustin is a Marine combat veteran. Dustin talks about how he struggled to find his place after service. Dustin was very open about the challenges he faced. Dustin also talks about how he needed to find the bottom before he could finally make the decision to get sober. He talks about his struggles with addiction and how he recovered. Most importantly Dustin talks about the steps he took to recover from his addictions, and how he healed. Dusin also talks about his company, ECLPST Marketing, and how he got started. Dustin talks about his desire to use his talents to elevete others around him. Dustin is an amazing guy, and is a walking example of our motto, “Noting Owed”.

Ernie Mariscal

Inspirational Speaker

In this episode we talk to Ernie Mariscal. Ernie is an Inspirational Speaker, Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and all around awesome guy. Ernie talked about his service, and the challenges he faced during his service, as well as after leaving the Army. Like a lot of veterans, Ernie was unsure of his next steps. Rather serendipitously, Ernie was asked to speak at a local school. It was then he realized that he had a love and a passion for public speaking. We were very happy to have Ernie on the show. His positive attitude is contagious. This is definitely a show to share with anyone who needs a little pick me up.

Josh Graham

DD214 Fightwear

In this episode we talk to Josh Graham of DD214 Fightwear. Josh served in the Marine Corps until 2004. He talks about his life after service, and how he took some time to find his place. He talks about his struggles with alcohol, and coming to the realization that he wasn’t living his best life. Josh talks about changing careers, health, fitness, Jui-Jitsu, and eventually using that experience to start his own company. We also talk about the struggles of a new business, as well as the challenges that COVID brought. Josh is an awesome guy, and has a great story that everyone can relate to.

Brian Sitter

Vegas Elite Basketball Club

In this episode we talk to Brian Sitter of Vegas Elite Basketball. Brian talks about his love of sports, and his past careers. Brian tells us how he got involved with club basketball. Most importantly, Brian talks about how to help young athletes grow in a way that is best for them, and not for likes on social media. This was a truly inspirational episode. It’s very clear that Brain truly cares about the athletes that play for him, and he genuinely cares about their future success and growth as athletes, and as young adults transitioning into a life after sports. Everyone will be inspired and motivated by Brian, his story, and the team he has built at Vegas Elite!

Ryan and Debra Bruin

Cranky Veteran Candle Company

In this episode we talk to Ryan and Debra Bruin from Cranky Veteran Candle Co. Ryan talks about his time in the Army, and how he faced the challenges of life after service. He talks about changing careers, and struggling to find his place. Then finally, almost by accident, he and Debra came up with the idea for making candles. They have an amazing story, and they make a great product. You’ll hear from them how much effort they put into making a product that is better quality, and so much better for the environment, and your health, than your average store bought, mass produced candle. Even though they are fairly new, they still find time to give back the veteran community. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Aaron Meza

Grind Ops Coffee/ICON Rifle Works/Federal LEO K-9 Handler

Aaron started his career in law enforcement in his early twenties. He eventually worked his way up to a K9 handler. In that position he made several high profile arrests, and was awarded the CBP’s Blue Eagle award, TWICE! Aaron also became a competitive shooter. In an unfortunate series of events Aaron sustained an injury that greatly affected his career. Although because of the inspiration he received through books and education, he decided to change paths, and start two businesses! Not only did Aaron start two business, he is already giving back to charity. Specifically Mission K9 Rescue. They specialize in giving retired working dogs new homes. Aaron is the epitome of what we preach at Nothing Owed. He has never shied away from adversity, and used it to his advantage. This is a great episode, and we know you will love hearing Aarons story. Aaron was also gracious enough to offer a 20% discount code for Grind Ops Coffee. Use TEAMNOTHINGOWED for your special listener discount.

Deborah Driggs

In this episode we talk to Deborah Driggs. She is an all-around awesome person. She was amazingly humble, generous, and gracious. She has accomplished so much in her short time. She was even on two Playboy covers, and was Playmate of the Month. However, she has accomplished so much else. She is a mother, actress, entrepreneur, business person, and philanthropist. She had humble beginnings, but never took no for an answer, and always strived for more. This is a great episode, and Ms. Driggs, is an amazing guest.

Cut and Taste Las Vegas

In this episode we talk to Alex and Jeremy, two of the owners of Cut and Taste Las Vegas. They are a catering company that provides an entire experience, not just assembly line hotel food. They talk about their humble beginnings, how they grew, and eventually how they pivoted during the pandemic. They also talk about their strategy for maintaining the quality of their service. Please check them out.

Kelly "Murph" Murphy

𝐔. 𝐒. 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝

𝐓𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐀𝐬 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐧 𝐂𝐁𝐒

#𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐌𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐡 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠

On this episode we talk to "Murph". Marine, Trainer, and Tough as Nails Champion. Yes, the Tough as Nails show on CBS.

Murph talks about his career, his time in the Marine Corps, and how he managed to transition from the Corps to a corporate job, and eventually into an advocate for veterans looking to better themselves through education.

Samuel Woodbury

This is our season 2 premier! We've made a few changes behind the scenes. Ben Woodbury will be joining as co-host, and he was also gracious enough to sponsor the show! Check them out!

In celebration of our partnership MA DEUCE has offered a 15% discount code for you guys. Use code NOTHINGOWED at checkout!

In this episode we talk to Sam Woodbury. Sam is a Marine that talks openly about his struggles with addiction. He talks about how he came very close to losing his career and family. Luckily Sam was able to turn his life around and make positive changes for him, and his family. Now he is an entrepreneur and addiction counselor. Sam truly represents everything we talk about here at Nothing Owed. He made the decision to set his life on the right path. He's also put himself in a position where he can help others do the same.

Special Episode with Mark Miller

In this episode we catch back up with Mark Miller from Winfield Watch. He talks about his challenges during COVID, and how he pivoted into other products. He also talks about how he is always looking for new ways to grow his business, and provide more value. He also generously offered a discount code to Veterans, Law Enforcement, and those that maybe have a first responder in their family, or maybe just need a gift for someone in the military, or other public service.

WINVET15 is the discount code!

Forrest Samalonis

Forrest's Flags

In this special episode we talk to Forrest Samalonis from Forrest's Flags. He is a Marine, a Police Officer, and has started his own company. He talks about his time in the Marine Corps, his time as a police officer, and how he finds time to give back to the community. He is truly a guest that epitomises everything we stand for at Nothing Owed.

Shawn Dimartile

The Multi-Family Takeoff

In this episode we talk to Shawn Dimartile from the Multi Family Takeoff. We talk about how Sean became an air traffic controller, how he overcame his student debts, and how he got started in real estate. We talk about the various options you have for investing. This is a great epsiode for anyone looking to get started saving for their future.

David Feinman

Viral Idea Marketing and Flixation

In this episode we talk to David Feinman who specializes in creating different forms of video to use to market yourself or your business. We talk about the various options and platforms, and how to best use video to get the best return. David also talks about his cross country bike ride for charity!

Dean Wegner

Authentically American

In this episode we talk to Dean Wegner from Authentically American. Dean is an Army aviator, and Ranger School Graduate. He spent several years in the corporate world before deciding to start his own business. Dean started an apparel company focusing on manufacturing in the USA. This is a great conversation. Dean also provides a discount code during the episode!

Authentically American Brand Overview

Authentically American is a Veteran owned, American made, premium apparel brand that is competitively priced. We are building an iconic American brand; the next Nike, Under Armour, or Lands’ End, but ALL Made in USA. We have a Consumer Brand and Client side of our business. To give you a little more perspective, attached is a 1-page overview that will provide a quick snapshot of Authentically American and includes links to our recent national media coverage in Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Fox & Friends. You can also watch a short 1-minute VIDEO to learn more about the essence of our brand. Now more than ever, Americans (especially Veterans) are actively seeking American made products.

Ben Woodbury

MaDeuce Nation

In this episode we talk to Ben Woodbury of MaDeuce Nation. He talks about his time in the military, what he learned serving overseas, and the challenges of starting a clothing company. Despite the challenges of a new business, Ben made the decision to give to charity from the very start. This is great conversation. Please support MaDeuce Nation, and their products.

Brandon Cox

Amazon Seller

In this episode we talk to Brandon Cox, active duty Marine, and Amazon seller. Brandon talks about how he started selling on Amazon, and what tools and techniques he uses to source items to sell. This is a great episode for anyone thinking of selling on Amazon, or Ebay. It's much easier than you think!

Charlynda Scales

Mutt's Sauce

In this episode we speak to Charlynda Scales. She is an Air Force Veteran, and current Air Force Reservist. She tells the story of how she made a family recipe into a business. She also talks about how she was able to make it to the tv show Shark Tank! It's a great story, and we know you'll enjoy it. Please support Charlynda, and her company, Mutt's Sauce!

Johnathan McConnell

In this episode we talk to John McConnell. We talk about his time in the Marine Corps, his time in law school, how he started a global security company, Somali pirates, and his run for the US Senate! This is a jam packed episode. Listen Now!

Joshua Rogerson

Rogerson Consulting

In this episode we talk to Josh Rogerson of Rogerson Consulting. He talks about his time in the Marine Corps, and how he used his military skills to advance his career in the financial sector. His story is a great example of how you can secure your future by always learning, and always looking ahead to the next level.

Jamar James

In this episode we talk to Jamar James. Jamar served in the Marine Corps, and while on active duty began purchasing homes in Southern California. This simple step is one of the major components that led to his current success today. Jamar was an amazing guest, and a wealth of knowledge. He is an expert in nearly all things financial.

Rob Kessler

Million Dollar Collar and GoTieless

In this episode we talk to Rob Kessler from Million Dollar Collar, and GoTieless!

Rob has a great story of entrepreneurship. He's worked in several industries, and is constantly looking for new opportunities, and new ways to secure his future.

William Kieffer

Kieffer & Associates

In this episode, we talk to William Kieffer. We talk about his time in the military. We discuss his careers after the military. We also talk with him about coaching, and how having a coach or a mentor can help you focus on your goals, and the steps you need to take to get there.

Derrick Foster

Mother Clucker's Chicken

In this episode we talk to Derrick Foster about his time in the Marine Corps, how he started cooking, and how he used networking to advance his career. We talk about the challenges he faced opening a business, and dealing with employees.

He is now offering franchises of his Mother Clucker's Restaurant. He's also offering a discount to any veterans interested in a franchise.

Mark Miller

Winfield Watch Company

In this episode we talk to Mark Miller from Winfield Watch. We talk about his time in the military, and how he started his watch company. We also talk about the challnges of starting a new company, and how to manage marketing, and an internet presence. This is great episode, and a great listen for watch lovers.

John Duever

We Wrap Anything.

John talks about how he started wrapping cars. How he built his business, and the troubles he encountered with Covid. John also talks about competing in vehicle wrap competitions.

Joe Hagen

All Decked Out

In this episode Joe talks about his time in the Navy, and why he chose to leave the service. We discuss his troubles with the law. We finish with how he started with deck building, and eventually grew into a backyard space construction company. He talks about his challenges with business, with Covid, and with hiring employess.

Intro Episode

In our first episiode we talk about the direction of the show, and give a brief introduction of ourselves. Launching 07/31/2020!